Curating Exhibits: Difference Between Museums and Art Galleries

Intriguing discussion about curatorial differences between museums and art galleries.

Rereeti - Revitalizing Museums

Goa-based art historian and curator Lina Vincent Sunish reflects on the distinctive roles of museums and art galleries, highlighting their functional and aesthetic aspects for visitors.

Nehru Centre Art GalleryImage: Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai.

Since the turn of the new millennium, the debate on curatorial practices has been steadily growing around the world, and especially in India, which saw a rise in the number of new museums and art gallery openings in the last decade. In particular, there has been concerted effort and engagement to understand the increasing influence that cultural institutions hold on a diverse set of audience. Museums are considered places of entertainment and education, where different exhibits and curated spaces impart knowledge about the historical significance of an object. Art galleries, on the other hand, are perceived to serve a different purpose, more in tune with the aesthetic on consuming art for pleasure.

Delhi Art Gallery, Kala GhodaImage: Delhi Art Gallery, Kala…

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