Hi I’m Ashleigh, founder of The Museumphiles blog and museum lover!

I’m a Canadian museum educator, historian, and writer now living in the UK. I’ve taught everything from English saddle horseback riding to English as a Second Language, and worked at museums in London, Vancouver, and Toronto. I have an M.A. in History from University College London, a B.A. (Hons) in History and European Studies from University of Toronto, and a Certificate in Indigenous Education from University of British Columbia.

I mostly write about: museum, gallery, and heritage news, museum and exhibition reviews, heritage tourism, working in museums, social justice in museums, interpretation, museum learning, women’s history, and postcolonialism.

Ask me about: museum learning, engaging young people, making history relevant, storytelling, interactive activities, penal colonies, criminal history, the British Empire, women’s history, maritime history, and the British monarchy.

I started The Museumphiles to share ideas about museums, and to create a discussion space about the roles museums and history education can play in society. My views are based on my personal experiences as a visitor, my background as a museum worker, and my training as a historian. In between my own articles, I try to share posts from other blogs that I have found thought-provoking. I welcome respectful comments and contributions from all perspectives and backgrounds.

I currently work as a Learning Producer at the National Army Museum in London. This blog and the opinions expressed on it are completely separate from my place of work.

Thanks for visiting The Museumphiles!




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